Do you help landowners develop habitat management and hunting plans?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Dr. Grant looking for help on landmanagement for deer and turkey, we have 167 acres outside of Fredericktown Missouri, have hunted it for many years but it’s always been a sit and hope something comes along and that getting old. Do you do an advisory type meeting or should I contact our local conservationists, great videoselection by the way,,hope you and yours have a great holiday season


We offer a couple of ways to help. We host Field Events each year and allow 100 folks to come for detailed tours of my property near Branson, Missouri.  These events fill quickly.  I tentatively plan to host a Field Event April 1st and 2nd and August 12th and 13th.  We teach a lot during these events but it’s not specific to your property.

We also tour properties and develop very detailed habitat management and hunting plans.  Matt, Adam, and.or I will tour the property and then create the maps and plans.  Finally, we do some work where we have a map of the property and visit during a phone.  This is faster and cost less, but isn’t as thorough as walking the land.

Feel free to write me at if you wish to me to call you and discuss these options.

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December 16, 2015