Do you have any tricks to see mature bucks during daytime?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear Grant,
I have a 2013 diamond infinite edge and I just can not seem to get a good consistent pattern. I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I also have been watching a nice wide nine point that I figure is about two years old, then he just disappeared. I have been asking around to see if anyone has this buck on camera but they all say no. I also have been asking if anyone shot the buck I got the same answer. I planned on passing him up the 2015 and 2016 seasons because I would love to see him reach 4-5 years old. I was also wondering if you guys use any certain types of tricks to see your big/mature bucks during the day? Over all love the show, keep going.



I’m not familiar with the Diamond bow.  It sounds as if the bow and/or your shooting form is out of tune.  You might review some of the GrowingDeer episodes about shooting form as it’s often a simple adjustment in style that produces better results.  Remember the old saying “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect  practice makes perfect.”

I’m not aware of any tricks to get mature bucks to be active during daylight hours.  Remember that all deer seek quality food, cover, and water that they don’t associate with danger.  Doing a good job of scent control and always picking stand/blind locations that you can enter and exit without alerting deer is critical to seeing mature bucks.

Enjoy creation,


January 10, 2016