Do you have any tips for scouting for an upcoming deer hunt in National Forest in Kentucky?

By Grant Woods,

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Im from Destin Florida, and you have helped me in the past with questions and tips. I know your very busy and appreciate that you take the time to help out. A couple buddies and I have decided to take a trip to Daniel Boone Nation Forest to hunt whitetail second week of September.
We will be going in “blind” meaning just having google earth to help us with our scouting. Any advise and tips on what we should look for in that type of terrain? The address on google earth is at the north end of….Elklick Rd, Morehead, Rowan County, KY. The road dead ends into the mountains. It seems to have many many saddles and valleys. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time. Tommy


Such trips are usually very fun!  There are lots of acorns developing here and I suspect in most of Kentucky also.  I’d start by scouting for whiteoak acorns on the ground and associated deer sign.

I prefer to hunt ridgetops as the wind is usually more consistent!  I also prefer hunting where there are fewer folks, even if that means hunting where there are fewer deer.  Alert deer are very difficult to hunt!  This applies to you also – don’t be so eager to scout that you ignore wind direction and good scent reduction!  Finding sign doesn’t help much if you alerted deer in the process,

May you be blessed with an enjoyable trip!