Do you have any tips for a quarter acre clover hidey hole plot in suburban New Jersey?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,
Would you happen to have any tips to help grow and improve on an extra small food plot (around 100x100ft). I live in suburban NJ and have limited space to work with. We were thinking about scaling down a hydee-ho clover plot around April any help would be greatly appreciated

sincerely, Greg Marchese


I’ve worked a lot just outside of Newark!  I’ve hunted there while watching TV through the neighbor’s windows.  That was an odd sensation for me!  

Clover is a good choice for small hidey hole plots in the northeast, especially if there’s fairly good soil at the location where you wish to establish the plot.  Clover plots often succumb to lack of nutrients and/or weed competition.  Do test the soil and be sure to tell the lab you wish to plant clover!  Clover requires much different nutrients than say wheat or brassicas.  In addition add the required amount of lime.  

The seedbed should be free of weeds before planting and as weeds germinate they can be spot treated with glyphosate.  

This should get you started!

Enjoy creation,


February 9, 2016