Do you have any tips about how to pattern mature bucks in southwestern Kansas?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Woods,

Thanks for all the great videos and for caring so much about wildlife management! I am hunting in southwest Kansas where I recently moved. I have permission on about 800 acres of land this year. The land out here is all very similar. To bow hunt from a tree stand requires hunting a creek. There is a creek running through the property and I am surrounded by corn fields in just about every direction. There’s also a pond on the property, however it is close to the highway and away from many trees. half of the land is corn and the rest is prairie pasture.

I’ve only been seeing the same 6 does on the property crossing the creek by my stand and heading to the cut corn. There has been no sign of any bucks. With all the land surrounding me, as well as the land I hunt, having similar food, adequate water, and cover how can I get mature bucks to come onto the property rather than the similar property that surrounds me?

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to make any food plots on the property therefore, I put corn out on the ground near my stand. As of now I am holding out for the rut with no other ideas.

Thanks Dr. Woods, I Love Growing Deer TV!



Congratulations on acquiring access to hunt in southwest Kansas and for sharing the encouraging words!

I suspect it will become much easier to pattern deer where you hunt once the corn is harvested.  Combines are extremely efficient these days. Newer combines don’t leave much grain in the field.  This causes bucks to search more for food and return repeatedly to the limited quality food sources.  

In addition, bucks in western Kansas often use prairie pastures to bed and attempt to corner does during the rut. These areas can be great setups for decoys!

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