Do you drive past food plots on the way to hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear grant,
I notice most or maybe all of your food plots I’ve seen in your videos have an access road that leads to your food plots.When you hunt a stand do you walk past food plots or drive past them to get to your stand.If so don’t you risk the chance of spooking deer in a plot and ruin the hunt.thanks matt


The Proving Grounds is so steep that about the only locations where roads and food plots can be established are in valleys or ridgetops.  Due to these constraints it is necessary for us to drive by some food plots while enroute to some of our stands/blinds. We tend to go very early during the afternoon so deer are still in bedding areas and are not alerted by driving by plots. In addition, we often hunt stands that are located in the timber and away from plots.  Deer tend to use plots more during darkness than during daylight.

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January 31, 2016