Do urban deer act differently than those in rural areas?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Dr Grant love all the great info you have about deer habitat and hunting. I am from Ft Smith Arkansas and lease 250 acre just outside of the city limits. Land is mainly high ridge line with post and blackjack oaks and the lower is cedar
thickets. there are several houses surrounding the property and we only bow hunt the area. My question is will urban deer act different than deer away from a populated area..thanks


Deer in both urban and rural areas tend to behave the same.  All deer can be conditioned to different stimuli. For example I often see deer near active shooting ranges (military bases) not lift their head when shots are fired.  However, deer that rarely hear gunshots often respond totally differently.  The same can be said for deer in city parks. They rarely react to humans within a few yards of them – were deer in non urban areas bolt when the smell humans.

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October 27, 2015