Do deer in Mississippi bred later than those in the Midwest?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr Woods
I am a big fan and follow you on multiple outlets. I think you set a great example and are a great teacher to those of us trying to create great deer habitat and strengthen the herd.
As I watch your videos and read your articles and posts, I keep questioning myself on how similar your environment is to mine. I know you are in the Ozarks which is well north of my place in MS. For example, Matt recently posted “It is November and Bucks are on the move”. Im not seeing evidence of that in MS. (I only have 6 trail cams on 250 acres so I could be missing it) I assume your deer are about to rut. The Mississippi Dept of Wildlife, Game and Fisheries (MDWGF) reported the peak breeding date in MS was the first week of January in my area. Are my deer just a couple of months behind yours as far as behavior is concerned? (Meaning that I may be in an early Fall pattern when your rut is peaking) If so, do you think the relationship between our 2 areas is a day for day linear relationship for deer behavior?
I apologize for the wordiness but I really could have typed an encyclopedia worth of questions. It was hard to narrow down the essence of my question. I tried to be as concise as possible but realized I am failing miserably.
Thanks for all of the hard work. I look forward to your thoughts.


Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, deer in portions of Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, etc,. do bred later than deer in most states.  Even more interesting, deer in south Florida bred during late July/early August!  

Breeding dates are genetically programmed in does and bucks will breed anytime.

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