Did harvesting a buck cause deer to leave my hunting area?

By Grant Woods,

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Mid to late October gun season comes in for Georgia, and I’ve got lucky enough to harvest a nice 9 pointer. Before season came in I’ve got a lot of action on my trail camera but ever since I shot that buck I have got minimum to no action in the apparent area. I have no idea what I’ve done, no activity go in the area unless I go hunt. Should I leave the area and fine another one?


I doubt the disturbance of harvesting a buck, retrieving it, etc., caused deer to leave the area where you hunt. 

Rather, I suspect local food sources have changed, etc.  Consider what’s changed in the area such as acorns falling, crops harvested, timber being cut, etc.  Deer rarely leave their home range even with highways, being built, etc.  I’d scout the area and look for fresh sign and move the trail cameras to another location.

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November 9, 2015