Developing Cover in Ag Fields

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I recently purchased a piece of property which adjoins my existing property to the North.  The new property is almost devoid of cover and consists of agricultural fields.  What is the best way to establish cover quickly in an area that was previously managed for agriculture?

Your latest video (GDTV 45) was great!  I was especially excited to see the hay bale blind.  Any idea what they made that out of?  Great Idea!



Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on purchasing additional property!  Standing corn works well as cover, especially if it is not next to a public road.  Switchgrass is my favorite type of cover.  However, it requires time (at least two years) and substantial financial resources to establish.  It is perfect to block the view from public roads and serve as cover simultaneously!  I like to make cover areas at least 10 acres so predators can’t easily cruise along the downwind side and smell every prey species within the cover area.

The hay bale blind was a great tool in that setting!  It was constructed with a wire panel or heavy webbed wire forming the round portion of the ball with straw held together between a plastic weave to give the “hay bale” appearance.  The flat ends of the bale were constructed from plywood and covered with the same plastic weave that held the straw in place.  I liked that blind!

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