Deer Population at The Proving Grounds

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How much land are you working?  Acreage?  What were the deer numbers before you started this project and when did you start this project?  What are the results in deer numbers now?  Great site!  My sons and I watch all the time.



Thanks for watching!  The Proving Grounds is 1,576 acres of rocks and ridges.  If we could flatten it out, I’m sure it would be more than 3,000 acres.  The first year I owned the property I walked very often simply to learn every nook and cranny.  I saw one deer and found 11 sets of deer tracks (however, the soil is so rocky deer tracks are very hard to find).  Based on the camera survey last year (2009), I estimated there were 70+ deer per square mile.  I’ve really enjoyed working on the habitat improvement projects and watching the deer herd quantity and quality respond.

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