Where is the best place to create cover for whitetails?

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I am planning to create some thickets by hinge cutting some 8 year old trees.  How big of an area would I need to hinge cut to have a impact on providing bedding or creating browse?  Would it be better to do edges 10 yards deep around food plots or a much larger 1 acre area not associated with a food plot?

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Where you create cover depends on your mission.  If you are trying to encourage deer to enter a food source earlier, creating cover along the edge may be a good plan.  However, if your mission is to create cover for deer to use for bedding or escaping predators, then a larger area would be much better than a thin strip along a food plot.  I like cover areas that are at least 10 acres or large in size.  Predators such as coyotes can probably smell deer in smaller cover blocks.  In addition, human scent can easily carry through a one acre cover block.  For the cover block to serve as a sanctuary, consider making the cover block larger in size.

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