What tips do you have for successfully deer hunting on public land?

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I’m not as fortunate as most hunters on having my own land to hunt.  So I must resort to hunting local game lands.  The local game lands do have some corn food plots on them.  What should I look for so that my 10 year old son and I can be more successful hunters?

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Hunting pressure can be a deterrent to daytime deer activity.  It’s a given that many hunters will hunt very near the food plots.  However, it’s often worth walking the extra distance to get away from where most hunter activity is located.  In addition, consider when and where the bulk of the hunters will be moving and consider using that disturbance to predict where and when deer will be moving.  There are many great hunting opportunities on public land.  With a little scouting of both deer and fellow hunters, you and your son should be enjoying some successful hunts!

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