Ponds for deer hunting

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Most of my hunting is done on a relatively small property.  I’m working on a plan to put in some quality food plots to hold more deer in the area.  The habitat seems to be pretty good but one thing I don’t have is a water source on the property.  I don’t think water is lacking in availability because of two ponds about a quarter of a mile away.  That’s not a long walk for a deer.  Do you think that supplying water on my property would be of significant benefit in holding deer closer to my hunting spot?  If so, do you recommend larger earthen ponds or are trough type watering holes okay too?



It sounds like there is currently no water on your property.  I would recommend providing water on your property to lower the need for deer to be traveling across other properties to get a drink, especially if the urge to drink is during the hunting season.  Water sources don’t have to be large.  The goal is to provide water throughout the year.  In most situations, a few thousand gallons is all that is needed.  I typically establish ponds that are three feet deep at the deepest and about 30’ or less in circumference.  These small ponds, when located in areas with good cover, can be fabulous hunting locations!  I use liners to get the ponds to hold water if the soil at the desired site doesn’t have enough clay content.

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