What is the best hunting strategy for older, wiser, noctornal bucks?

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I have an awesome, huge, old, 10 point buck on our property (which has apple groves, a corn field, and food plots).  From the camera pictures he looks to be a 220 class.  His G2 is about 19″ long.  I have several trail cameras pictures where he appears between 11:00 PM and 5:40 AM.  I have strategically placed tree blinds but I don’t see him during shooting hours.  I know this is how he got so old and big but I’d really like to take him this year.  What should I do?



That’s a huge buck and no doubt very mature.  There is lots of research that has shown some mature bucks rarely move during daylight hours.  This may be the behavior of the giant buck you are hunting.  I would attempt to limit human disturbance as much as possible to the area where you believe he is bedding and feeding.  I would only hunt this buck when conditions are favorable to the hunter (constant wind that favors the hunter, etc.).

Chances are you won’t see this buck much, so it’s critical that you are well practiced with your weapon of choice and all of your equipment is in perfect working order.  The personality of some bucks make them almost impossible to harvest as they are almost totally nocturnal, etc.  That’s okay, as the legendary bucks keep most of us inspired to keep hunting!

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