Where do Deer Drink during Freezing Conditions

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I was watching the most recent episode (GDTV 65) and you were mentioning the use of minerals at The Proving Grounds, even though the pond was frozen and forage was dry with little moisture.  Being from the Southeast, we don’t have to worry about long periods of sub-freezing weather and key water sources being frozen.  The view of the frozen pond and dried forage got me wondering.  Where do deer get their water requirements from in the winter months in areas where the water sources may freeze over for longer periods and all the forage is dried out?

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In the areas where I work, there always seems to be a spring, or some source of water that is not frozen.  I’m not sure if all the water sources at a specific location freeze if deer will consume snow, but I suspect they would.  Deer, and other critters, also will break through ice with their paws to get to water.  Once the water source is opened, it would be easier to reopen daily.  With deer surviving in areas of Canada where winter conditions are severe and prolonged, deer obviously can survive in much harsher conditions than what I experience at The Proving Grounds!  At least we have several months where mosquitoes are not a factor!

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