Separate Buck, Doe, and Fawn Bedding Areas

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Hello Grant,

I look forward to watching every week.  I’m sure it’s not easy, you and your team do a great job.

I’ve heard of people making separate buck bedding areas, doe bedding areas, and fawning areas.  What are they?  How would you make them?  I can’t imagine getting a wild deer to bed exactly where you want them to.

Thank you for your time.



I’ve also heard of buck, doe, and fawn bedding areas.  However, I have no idea how to create gender-specific bedding area.  In areas where bucks receive more hunting pressure than does, they tend to bed in areas with thicker cover.  However, in areas where the harvest pressure is even, I’ve never noticed a difference between the characteristics of a buck or doe bedding area.  Bucks will typically be more solitary than doe/fawn groups.  I’ve certainly never noticed fawns bedding in different areas than does once the fawn is mobile and able to follow the doe.  I’m skeptical of these claims, but am willing to learn if anyone wishes to share!

Growing Deer together,