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Dr. Woods,

I wanted to let you know that I have just received a copy of your book Deer Management 101 (actually, already autographed), and I really enjoyed reading it. I just watched your video where you mention a study done by a grad student Cory Van Gilder. I have tried to locate it, but haven’t had any luck. I recently returned to college (after 12 yrs.) and I am finally a senior at OSU, studying under Stan Gehrt. We have a lot of deer/coyote conversations (in and out of class), and I would like some more information about the research mentioned earlier.

As a side note, please check out to see how we enjoy spending time with our veterans. We love to get them in the woods! We have approximately 490 acres we manage under QDMA guidelines. However, we don’t place any restrictions on the veterans. Last year I was able to guide a disabled father(Vietnam)/son(Iraq) team for their first ever deer hunts. Both took deer with crossbows that day. Words can’t describe how all parties involved felt. Anyway, if you are ever up this way (central Ohio) PLEASE let us know…we would love to have you visit the lodge.




Thanks for honoring our Vets!! That’s a great mission!

A summary of Cory’s work was published in the Quality Deer Management Association’s Quality Whitetails magazine in the 3rd issue, June 2009 (pages 20-24). It will also soon be published in a technical journal.

Growing Deer together,