Controlling Sicklepod in Soybeans

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I really enjoy your program and website.  Thanks so much for what you do.

I have a 2 acre site in a bottom next to a creek that I have grown a variety of things in over the years.  I had round-up ready corn there two years ago and it did very well until the wild hogs found it!  I planted round-up ready corn again this year, hoping that the continued spraying of round-up would eliminate the weeds in the field.  I probably did not have my two row corn planter adjusted correctly and that combined with low rainfall resulted in a 25% stand.  So, I left it alone this summer which was a BIG MISTAKE.  I bush hogged it this week and about 75-80% of the field was Sicklepod!  I want to plant clover and/or soybeans in that field in the future.  How can I control Sicklepod in clover or beans?



Sicklepod is a controllable weed, especially in soybeans.  However, it usually requires a mixture of herbicides.  For example, glyphosate alone will not control Sicklepod.  Which combination of herbicides should be used depends on the crops to be grown and the timing of the herbicide applications.

Usually total control requires a pre- and post- emergent application of herbicides.  These recipes are a bit more technical than most weed control applications, I suggest you visit with a local crop specialist or search the web.

It usually requires a multiyear program to remove Sicklepod from the seed bank, but is well worth the effort!

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