Controlling Ragweed in a Food Plot

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Dear Dr. Grant Woods,

I have planted a half acre of clover and chicory for an inside corner food plot.  You said that ragweed can be nutritious but it has taken over the food plot.  Is it worth trying to get rid of the ragweed or should I just let it grow?  Is there anything that will kill the ragweed and not the clover and chicory?  I am afraid the ragweed will compete against the clover and chicory and not let it grow like it should.  I know in one of your episodes you talked about Arrow herbicides and I didn’t know if something like that would work.

I love the videos and the information on  I am going into my second year of college and majoring in wildlife biology.  I love the outdoors and learning about plants and animal behaviors.  I hope one day to become a wildlife biologist and help manage the quality of our wildlife.



Thanks for the positive comments!  Ragweed can be a major competitor in any food plot if is not removed early.  In clover and chicory plots ragweed is maintained best by periodically mowing it and other broadleaf plants growing in the plot.  In most situations, simply keeping broadleaf plants from going to seed and/or shading out the clover and chicory helps to keep their presence at bay.

Once ragweed is well established it can be a major problem.  I am unaware of an herbicide that controls it without harming clover and chicory.  Herbicides like Arrow control grasses and Pursuit controls non-legumes.  If ragweed has taken the plot over it is probably most cost effective to start the plot over.  Start by killing the plot in the spring with a broad spectrum herbicide (glyphosate) and periodically apply again throughout the summer.  Then broadcast seed throughout the plot just before/during a heavy rain in late summer.

Growing Deer together,