Clover for Food Plots?

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I have only had my property for about 1 1/2 years.  I am new to all this and have lots of questions.  I have 80 acres with a small stream going all the way through it and a 6 acre pond. No food plots yet.  I have some clover but it’s too close to the hunting cabin.  I have about 1 to 3 acres of open ground that I want to put in a food plot.  I am thinking more clover but would like to  hear your thoughts. I have a tractor but not a plow. I know a cattle farmer who might be able to till up the land for me.


Pat (Ohio)


It sounds as if you’ve been blessed with a wonderful piece of creation!  All food plot crops have strong and weak points, so it’s best to pick the crop that fits your mission.  If year round nutrition is the goal, then it’s tough to beat a corn/soybean combination.  However, if the local deer density is too high, they will consume all of your crops before deer season.

Clover is very good during the early spring and fall.  However, it usually goes dormant during the warmer summer months, especially if it is dry.  Clover is always dormant during the winter — providing no food for nutrition or attraction.

Enjoy your property!

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