Check out my “Fire Tool Cart.”

By Grant Woods,

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Here is a photo of my oak woodlands “fire tool cart” that I tow behind the garden tractor for prescribed burning. Where there are not too many rocks or stumps and the terrain allows, I cleared trails which I mow every year to keep clean. I have a Stihl BR600 leaf blower, but three passes with a John Deere X540 tractor with special high-lift blades and the rubber chute removed, makes a great leaf blower and fireline clearing machine for oak leaves.

If the attached file does not go through, I can send you photos and plans for the fire cart with your regular email address.

Really enjoy your videos.



I like your Fire Tool Cart!  That’s a great idea!  Thanks for sharing and for being part of the GrowingDeer family!

Enjoy creation,


February 24, 2016