Can you share some tips for scouting my land in southeastern Kentucky?

By Grant Woods,

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Proper way to scout. I have two pieces of land total of about 150 acres in southeastern kentucky. Cover is thick so hard to scout by glassing? I do have one Reconyx camera but as of now it is on my house for home security but subject to change? Can you give me a list so to speak of due’s and dont’s. I know there are decent deer on this property no 170’s deer but decent. I am a avid bowhunter always practice proper scent control but to be honest I am just not that good at scouting. I more than less pick areas by cover or how easy it is to get to them with out making a lot of noise more often than not. I love your show, it is real easy to listen to you and your tips.


I agree with you that scouting should not disturb deer, especially just before or during deer season.  I do a lot of scouting after deer season when I’m not as concerned about alarming deer.  I look for areas of travel between feeding and bedding areas. I also look for areas where I can create hidey hole or small food plots. Creating these small plots, even with hand tools, between bedding and feeding areas and in areas where I can approach, hunt, and exit can make a property much easier to hunt!  

I try to locate at least four good stand/blind sites – one for each possible wind direction.  This allows me to hunt during almost any conditions.  It’s Ok to have multiple stands/blinds overlooking the same area – but for different winds.

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December 16, 2015