Can I do anything to make deer where I hunt be more active during daylight?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Grant my name is Tyler Lovelady. I am 13 years old, and I was wondering how to get the deer to move in more daylight hours. I have a stand located near a food plot where I killed a nice buck with my crossbow, but it was in the morning. BTW I was using g5 Havoc broadheads. Well the deer stand that I killed the buck it was in the morning, and in the evenings I don’t see any deer going to the food plot but at night they move through that spot. Basically what I am asking is how do I get the deer to come in the evening through that spot where I can get a shot?


Congratulations on tagging a buck!  Typically deer move after dark due to the temperatures being warmer than normal or to avoid danger.  If deer have sensed danger in an area they often will only be active there after dark.  If deer are using the area, but only after dark you may need to not hunt there for a week or only hunt there when the conditions (wind) allow you to approach, hunt, and exit without alerting deer.  

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November 19, 2015