Can I attract turkeys three miles to my place?

By Grant Woods,

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I love the show. It has shown me a ton of useful things to do to help manage the deer and other wildlife on my property.
I was wondering if you had any advice on attracting turkeys to my property. I didn’t know if maybe there was some feed or a food plot that could help me with this. I know that there are turkey in the area because I see them strutting in the timber about three miles from where I live and I can also hear them gobbling every now and then but they just don’t seem to like to hang around my place. I have plenty of pasture for them to strut and woods for them to feel safe so if you could give me some tips I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks,


Turkeys love cattle pastures. They especially like pastures with fresh cow pies.  They like to scratch the cow pies and get the insects that are usually under cow pies.

During nesting season hens will be by good cover that’s from the ground level to two feet or so tall.  This is ideal cover for hens to nest in, especially if it’s close by a feeding area.

Is there nesting habitat at your farm or only a mix of pasture and mature timber?

I also suggest studying what’s available where the turkeys are now that might not be available at your farm.

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