Can Deer Scent Spook Whitetails?

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When using deer scent, can you use the wrong scent at the wrong time and spook whitetails?



Like humans, deer are individuals.  Some deer may react positively to a specific scent, while others ignore or avoid the scent.  Another factor is the amount of hunting pressure the local herd receives.  If they’ve had a negative experience with a specific scent and encounter it again, they will most likely avoid the scent.  Young deer often are very curious and will check out scents that are new to them.  They simply haven’t had as much time to have a negative association with a scent.  However, mature deer are often more cautious.

It’s fun to try new scents and watch how deer respond to them.  However, there’s always a chance mature deer will respond negatively and avoid the area that day.  This is true with any technique such as calls, decoys, etc.  When deer avoid an attractant, it usually occurs without the hunter ever knowing the deer was in the area.  Using scents to attract deer is certainly not a one size fits all approach!

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