Can bush honeysuckle be controlled by the hack and squirt method?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey grant I wrote you about removing a 11 acre draw filled with old growth honeysuckle. I spent about 10 hours chainsaw ing, herbicide, and stacking and I’m only an acre in. These honeysuckle are literally 15 to 20 feet tall a majority of the trunks are big as my thigh. My problem is the stack piless are ridiculous 4 piles right now are over 10 feet tall 20 feet in diameter aND i cant burn them. I’m almost doing as much damaging limiting access then leaving them standing. Is the hack and squirt method effective on bush honeysuckle? I can’t get a solid answer through research online. I just need the canopy to be eliminated and I’m completely frustrated with how things have worked out so far because I know it needs to happen but the process is overwhelming to say the least. Thanks again for your input. Love your show and your proactive attitude towards a deer’s environment and you faith. Thanks, doug chapman


I’ve never tried using the hack and squirt method to control bush honeysuckle. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.  As long as the sap isn’t already rising where you live, I’ve give it a try and mark the area.  If it doesn’t green up this summer, you’ll know that’s a good technique!

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February 21, 2016