Can a two year old buck that didn’t produce brow tines produce a better set of antlers as he matures?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant. Could you help settle a debate between my father and I?

Is it possible for a 2-year-old buck that has never grown brow-tines to develop them at a more mature age?

We have a buck on our property this year that has 6-points, but no brow-tines.

Is there potential that these will ever develop?

Thanks and keep up the good work. Enjoyed watching the hunt with you and your Dad.

Greg Johnston
Livonia NY


There are many examples of wild free-ranging immature bucks which were fitted with GPS collars that had less than desirable antlers.  In most cases the bucks developed nice to great antlers once they matured!  

It’s important to note that there’s been much research on “culling” white-tailed bucks with the goal of improving the herd’s genetics.  The results clearly show this doesn’t work!  Antler traits are primarily passed by does.  Without a pedigree (knowing who bred who for generations) there’s no way to know which does or bucks are producing offspring with the most antler growth potential.  Culling bucks only results in fewer bucks that reach maturity and makes it tougher to balance the herd’s adult sex ratio.

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November 25, 2015