Calendar of Deer Management Activities

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I would love to see an annual working calendar for The Proving Grounds.  I have enjoyed your website.



That’s a good idea!  However, I’m hesitant to publish such a calendar as each year seems significantly different due to changing weather conditions.

For example, I like to plant the fall food plots during mid to late August or a minimum of 45 days before the average first frost date of October 14th.  However, it was so dry this year that we are still planting plots today!  The same is true for the timing of planting our spring plots, etc.

There are some constants such as the start of hunting and trapping season. However, most management activities are based on current conditions and not calendar dates.  That’s one reason why we publish a new episode of each week.  Our mission is to provide deer hunting and management information in a real time format.  I realize this doesn’t provide advanced notice for planning, but it is real world, real time information.  Thanks for watching!

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