Why Bucks Shed

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A week ago one of my buddies found a dead buck in his woods that had already lost his antlers. He found one of his sheds a few feet away and another in a brush pile 50 feet away.  The buck was either a two or a three year old.  Is there any reason to why this would be?



Wow, that’s a neat observation!  I doubt anyone can explain exactly what happened to that buck. However, in general, bucks shed when their body conditions drops below a certain threshold (release of antlers is caused by a change in hormone levels).  The buck was obviously not in prime condition during late winter.  As to exactly what happened, I doubt we will ever know.  Some theories would include he shed and was coincidentally killed by a predator or was injured which caused him to shed and was trying to find cover in a brush pile and died from his injuries.  Again, these are simply theories!

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