Where is the best place to hunt to find a buck’s shed antlers?

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I don’t know if you remember but I contacted you earlier in bow season about a buck that disappeared on me.  Well, he is smart.  I didn’t get any pictures of him from September until the end of muzzle loader season.  I had a few encounters with him and my bow but no luck.  Any tips for finding his sheds?



The trick in finding shed antlers is knowing where he is spending most of his time during antler casting season.  After the breeding season this is in two primary locations – bedding and feeding areas.  Find these locations by looking for fresh scat and tracks, which is easier than ever since nothing is growing.  I also keep my trail cameras out over heavily used food plots so I can see when individual bucks are shedding their antlers, narrowing down when/where I should be searching.  Once these areas are located it’s just a matter of searching and sometimes researching likely areas.

My wife, Tracy, has been training a lab puppy to search for antlers.  The mineral content in antlers is unique among bones.  A dog’s nose is much better than human eyes, so if you get serious about finding sheds, consider training a dog as they will cover much more ground and most folks really enjoy watching a trained dog work.

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