Buck Activity When it’s Hot

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I was seeing 6-8 different 8 point or better bucks a month ago and all of a sudden I hardly see one every other day or two.  Could it be the 95-100 degree heat is keeping the bucks close to a water source, which is about 500yds away? It’s getting close to bow season and I am worried. Any ideas??



The temperatures at The Proving Grounds have been equally high.  I’m getting gads of images of mature bucks eating soybeans, but all at night – late night.  If season was open now, I wouldn’t be hunting the plots at my place due to the lack of mature bucks using them during daytime.  If it’s as dry at your place as it is at mine, you should consider scouting the water source.  If it doesn’t rain soon at my place, I’ll be hanging some stands and moving blinds to capitalize on that limited resource.  I always want to be hunting a limited resource.  Currently, water is the limiting resource at my place.

Even with that much of the puzzle figured out, many bucks tend to change their patterns drastically once velvet shedding begins.  The whitetail puzzle is never solved – thank goodness!  That’s what makes it fun!!

If you have permission to hunt near the water source mentioned, I’d place a trail camera there and see if mature bucks are using that area.

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