Broadhead Selection

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What kind of broadheads do you like to use?  I shoot Muzzy MX-4’s but I have been thinking about buying some Rage broadheads, but for twice the price I am not sure if they are worth it. What do you think?






I’ve been using the RedHead BlackOut Broadheads this year and am extremely pleased with the results.  I’ve shot two mature bucks, one doe, a coyote, and some small game.  The bucks had short, paintbrush blood trails.  I was a tad high on the doe (GDTV 45) and actually shot completely through her spine!!  I’ve never had a broadhead perform like that.  Usually, broadheads deflect above or below the spine, but the RedHead BlackOut broadhead is extremely sharp and tough.

I also like that that broadhead flies exactly like my field points at 50 yards.  I’m a huge believer in practicing with Broadheads, but I’ve found that is not necessary with the Blackouts with my setup.  Finally, they are a great value – they are less expensive than comparable quality heads.

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