Broadcast Soybeans

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I’m interested in planting soybeans next spring.  I have some equipment, but I don’t have any planting equipment.  Can you broadcast beans or do you need to use a planter?



Soybeans can be broadcast as long as there is a good seedbed that allows seed to soil contact.  The successful germination rate will be higher if the seed is covered.  Covering the seed can be accomplished with a drag, cultipacker, etc.  Even after covering the seed, the germination rate will probably not be as high as if planted with a drill or planter.  So plan to plant at least twice as much seed as you would if using a drill.

It’s best to plant just before a rain, if possible, when using the broadcast method.  The raindrops will serve to splash some dirt on top of the seed and provide adequate moisture so the seed germinates quickly rather than die from desiccation.

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