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I have a dream spot in my backyard.  We have a 42 acre pasture with a pound and plenty of hardwoods.  I want a mature buck and I know they are around as I’ve seen them.  What would be a good food plot to help get one in?

Jordan (eastern North Carolina)


It sounds as if you’ve been blessed with a good hunting location!  Different crops mature at different times during the season.  Soybeans are extremely attractive to deer during the early season.  If they are managed to allow them to produce bean pods, deer readily consume the pods during the late season.  I’ve used Eagle Seed soybeans for years and they have proven their worth time and again.

Deer will readily consume heavily fertilized winter wheat and it is relatively easy to grow.  There are many more options.  I always consider what’s available on the surrounding properties and make sure the food on my place is more attractive than what deer might find across the fence.  For example, if your property is surrounded by timber and/or pasture grass, then almost any common food plot that is heavily fertilized would be the most attractive food source in the neighborhood. If the neighbors have production soybeans and corn, then you may plan on planting crops that mature late and are available after the commercial crops have been harvested.

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