Best Bait for Trapping Raccoons

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I enjoyed your segment on raccoon trapping (GDTV 58).  We have a real problem on our farm.  Do you have a preferred bait for raccoons that the squirrels don’t prefer?  We seem to have more squirrels springing our traps than coons!  We currently use Havahart traps.  Do you have a recommended size for coons, and do you prefer a 1-door or a 2-door model?  Thanks so much for your advice!



I use inexpensive dog food with small kibble size.  Raccoons, opossums, and even foxes are attracted to dog food.  Yes, squirrels will sometimes consume the bait, but crows seem worse!  I like to toss some bait across the road/trail where the trap is set to increase the attractiveness of the set.  However, crows are bad to consume that bait before dark.

I like the single door traps and typically use live traps with a 8” x 8” or 9’ x 9” opening.  I like the smaller traps as then I can haul more in a truck.

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