Barbed Wire Fencing For Food Plots?

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I enjoy all the great information you provide on managing your deer herd and managing the land in general. I do have a specific question regarding barbed wire fences: is there a specific height the lowest strand should be to allow fawns to enter my food plots? I manage about 500 acres and the perimeter is not fenced. Therefore, I must fence off my plots from the surrounding landowners occasional free range cattle.

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Folks in Texas commonly use solar powered electric fences to exclude cattle and allow deer access to plots. They typically use one strand about 20″ above the ground. However, if calves are present, two strands at 12″ and 24″ may be necessary. The best value in solar powered fences I’ve found is the Non-Typical Electric Fence. I use this to keep deer from over browsing small plots until I have time to hunt. Simply don’t use the outside strand and deer will readily use the plot while keeping cattle out.

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