Attracting Deer to a Small Property

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My father and I hunt west of Lufkin, Texas on a 277 acre lease.  Although it’s not a big property we still manage it as much as we can by passing young bucks and harvesting does.  We have killed 7 bucks in 6 years.  Three of which are in the high 140’s, so I know the potential of the area.  I just got permission to hunt a small 17 acre piece of property a few miles away.  The good thing is that it’s surrounded on three sides by a 2000 acre property with mostly pine trees. The 17 acre property is mostly mature oak trees.  What can I do to improve this place?  Should I plant a food plot in the center of it and hunt the perimeter?  Or wait until the acorns start to drop before hunting it?  What would you do?



It sounds as if you and your father are doing a great job managing the deer on your lease!  You may have another great opportunity on the 17 acre tract!  If you have access to hunt the only stand of oaks around, then when they produce it should be a hot spot!  Remember that deer want to survive even more than they like acorns.  So, be cautious when approaching the area.  Try not to alert deer to your presence.  I suggest you have stands hung for multiple wind directions well before season begins.  I would also develop a food plot in an area where you can access it or a travel corridor to the plot without alarming deer.  There will be some years when acorn production is minimal, so having a good source of food will pay huge dividends during those years.  If the conditions aren’t in your favor, I suggest not hunting the 17 acre tract.  If you alert deer to your presence there many times, mature deer will likely only visit that area after dark.

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