Are there too many deer where I hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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Thank you for all the information you pass on to all of us who follow you. I have followed your advice on how to plant food plots and provide nutrition for our deer herd year around this year we planted about 18 acres of eagle seed soybean in 6 plots the results were unbelievable to say the least however the deer seem to have consumed the pods early even though we seeded back into the beans with wheat oats and brassica and these have come up nicely as well have you ever encountered this and is this a sign of too many deer.
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It’s tough to maintain a balance between the number of deer and amount of quality food.  If the 18 acres is on 100 acres then I’d assume there are a lot of deer in the area. If the 18 acres are on 500 acres (3.6%) then it simply may mean the local deer herd has consumed the primary food source (the ice cream plants).  

A better measure would be to compare the body weights of deer and see if they are increasing or decreasing over time and how they compare to deer in areas with similar climate and soil.

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October 27, 2015