Are there pictures online of the of the no-till drill you’ve helped design?

By Grant Woods,

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I read that you are releasing a no-till drill for food plots. I would love to see pictures. Can I find pics online?

David in Oklahoma


I have been helping the Redexim company design a high quality no-till drill. is a world leader in manufacturing turf management equipment.  They contacted me about helping design a no-till drill. I’ve been extremely impressed with their engineers and how responsive they’ve been to my suggestions based on in the field testing.  

I’ve “signed off” of the lastest prototype and they are manufacturing now.  The drills should be available during February or so.  The contact for Redexim is Mr. Paul Hollis (314-378-1889).  He will know much more about availability, pricing, etc. I know there’s he has a waiting list.  

You can see one of the early prototypes at:  The drill has changed and improved significantly since then!

Enjoy creation,


December 16, 2015