Are there any management practices I can do to encourage deer to use the two acres I hunt during daylight hours?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant I hunt on a two acre piece of property. There is a lot of deer that travel through it. I get a lot of pictures of big muture deer on my game cameras. My problem is that I have never see any of them during the day. I am the only hunter for a few miles so I know there not that pressured. What are some things I can do to get to move during the day?



Deer seek quality food, cover, and water daily.  The seek these resources in locations they don’t associate with danger.  If there are no other hunters in the area, then you’ll need to work to not alert deer and condition them from avoiding the acres you hunt.  Establishing a tree plot (fruit trees) with a quality food source not available anywhere else is an excellent technique for hunters on relatively small tracts of land.  Deer crave sweet and energy rich fruits like plums, persimmons, etc., during the fall.  For more tips and expert advice check out

There are also some great tips about planting fruit trees at:

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January 10, 2016