Are Diakon radishes a good good plot crop?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant, I’m considering taking a lesson from our local farmers and planting Daikon tillage radishes as a cover crop to improve soil conditions and increase the nitrogen in the soil. Any chance these would also be attractive to deer and provide good hunting over them for the season, similar to the success that I have had with turnips?


I’ve planted a blend that includes Daikon radishes for years!  Deer will consume the radishes (once they are conditioned to them) and the Daikon does a great job of obtaining nutrients that are deep in the soil profile and transferring them to the top.   

Research shows that a blend of species is better to build the soil compared to a single species.  In addition, a blend of forage species will attract deer during a longer period of time.  For example deer tend to consume radishes early, forage wheat during the mid winter, and different types of brassica forage (turnips) during the late season.  Deer often consume turnip bulbs during the latest portion of winter.  

When deer will consume which forage species is a factor or weather conditions and what other food sources are available. I use Eagle Seed’s Broadside blend which includes soybeans, radishes, a forage wheat, and two types of brassicas.  This blend has worked very well for me.

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November 24, 2015