Are Deer Aware of Trail Cameras?

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I have been using cameras for years and I am currently a Reconyx fan.  I am sure you are aware that the deer are aware of the cameras.  Aside from the flash issues, they can hear the camera operating.  That being said, what are your thoughts on camera location in regard to hunting stands?  Do you place your cameras in close proximity to where you will be sitting or standing?




I’m much more concerned with deer responding negatively to my presence than deer responding negatively to the flash or any sounds created by a Reconyx trail camera.  I’m currently using units that range from six years old to the current models and I rarely get an image of a deer reacting negatively to the trail camera.  (I just completed a camera survey at The Proving Grounds that included 30,000+ images and I’m not aware of one that showed a deer in the spooked position).

However, this doesn’t account for deer that never made it to the camera because of my scent, etc.  Hence, during hunting season I rarely place a camera close to a stand.  I don’t wish to condition deer to avoid the area because I’m frequently checking the trail camera.  I tend to place my trail cameras in areas where I can use the time lapse feature to monitor large areas that deer frequent at night.  I then connect the dots and figure out where the mature bucks are traveling during hunting hours.  The combination of using the time lapse feature and M.D.E. (Minimal Disturbance Entry) to pattern and approach where mature bucks are active during daylight hours is a great combination!

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