Any tips for hunting this 20 acres in southeast Alabama?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant!,

I’m a new hunter, and my latest pastime has been listening to your show in my headphones while I’m at work. You have offered such a wealth of information.

As I said, I’m a new hunter, this will be my first season. I have permission to hunt a small 20 acre tract of land in southeast Alabama that belongs to my future in-laws. The land is hilly with a lot of standing timber, and a swamp running south along the eastern edge of the property.. There are a couple of access roads cut through the land, but they mostly travel the perimeter. I’m a disabled vet, and so I don’t really have the strength to do much land clearing, planting, or even to set up a tree stand. I’ll be hunting out of a ground blind all season.

My question for you is this. With the limited visibility of hunting in a heavily forested region out of a ground blind, what is the easiest way to get deer into visible range? Keep in mind that no bait or attractant is legal while hunting in Alabama. I have tried a grunt call, and a rattling bag, but so far no success.

Any other tips for a new hunter are greatly appreciated as well.

God Bless


Thank you for your service to our nation!!

Deer use food, cover, and water daily. Knowing which source of those resources deer will use on any given day is tough!

I noticed your blind is near a known bedding area!  That’s a great strategy!  Be sure and only approach and hunt when the wind is in your favor,  As you approach your stand watch for signs for deer feeding on acorns.  Once acorns start falling deer often feed under certain trees until a better source is available.  Which trees/acorns deer prefer often changes multiple times throughout the season based on several factors including species, moisture through the summer, etc.

Deer frequent areas they associate with safety.  Working to maintain part of the property as a sanctuary could also work in your favor.

I hope a neighbor, etc., will assist you with clearing some shooting lanes and maybe even preparing a small food plot! 

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November 24, 2015