Any tips for hunting in Kentucky during the first week of November?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Dr. Grant me my dad and a friend from Louisiana will be going to land of the lakes Kentucky first week of November. I see you hunt Kentucky a lot on videos just wondering if you could offer some tips on hunting the first of November with a bow on public land. This will be our first trip their. Thanks.


That sounds like a wonderful trip!  Deer will be breeding during the first week of November in Kentucky. Remember, how much rut activity occurs during the daylight is primarily dependent on the weather conditions. If it’s warmer than normal, then most activity will be during the night.  If the daytime temperatures are normal or cooler than normal there should be plenty of daytime activity!  

There are lots of acorns forming this year where I hunt near Cadiz, Kentucky, I imagine the same is true at the Land between the Lakes. I’d start by scouting for acorns and deer sign.

I hope you are blessed with an enjoyable hunt!