Any suggestions on how to manage CRP ground in western Kentucky?

By Grant Woods,

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I’d like to start by saying I’m a huge believer in everything you talk about and teach. I’ve been managing and trying grow huge healthy bucks along with healthy does for a while now. My question is in regards to hunting crp ground. In western kentucky land owners can make more by putting their property in these programs. I have mine and my family’s crop land to hunt but this is a new location. Any advice on managing and taking care of deer on land where breaking soil and growing anything not native is not a option? Thanks


Lower grain prices result in more acres being enrolled in CRP.  Usually CRP contracts allow for 10% of the acreage to be established in wildlife food plots. I have many clients in multiple states that do this.  It can vary by the local NRCS personnel, etc.  I’d check that option first.  It may be too late to amend contracts where this language was included. 

If no food plots can be established I consider the CRP fields primarily bedding areas and determine where the deer are traveling to food.  Hunting areas where the cover and food sources are clearly different can make it relatively easy to pattern deer travel corridors.

CRP in areas like western Kentucky are almost always relatively close to prime crop ground.  I suspect there’s plenty of quality groceries for deer in the area.

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February 5, 2015