Are you SCOUTING yet? – Episode #344

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Watch as we scout for hit list bucks in GrowingDeer episode #344.

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We are! See the video this week when Adam and Matt take to the Redneck Blinds in search of hit list bucks in the Eagle Seed plots. Their early scouting pays off when a mature buck decides to step out of the timber. Do you think he will make the 2016 hit list?

It’s dry and hot here at The Proving Grounds. What does this mean and should we be worried? Watch how these conditions can wreak havoc on a deer herd.

Have you heard of CWD or Chronic Wasting Disease? Grant shares how it can affect your hunting, plus what YOU can do to limit the spread of CWD.

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A shooter buck is in bow range.

Short Clip:

Take a stroll down memory lane! Watch as a Halloween treat closes the distance into bow range!

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Matt at a Reconyx trail camera.New Weekly Video Blog: How To Capture Bucks On Film

Want to get velvet bucks in front of your camera? Matt shares some strategies we use each summer to watch our hit-listers develop!

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Adam practices with a 3-D target.

Tip of the Week:

Get your sight picture correct from the start. Remember to practice aiming for the lower 1/3 of the vitals on a 3-D target this summer!