Aging Deer by the Jawbone with Toothwear and Replacement

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We were recently asked to age this buck when a viewer sent a picture.  This buck appears to be a three year old deer.

The premolars (first three teeth) indicate the deer was 2 or older and the first molar (4th tooth) shows more dentine compared to enamel which indicates the buck is three years old. However, the second molar shows more enamel than dentine which indicates the deer isn’t yet 4. Based on the tooth wear and replacement technique, we estimate this deer was three years old.

If you are looking to age a deer by the jawbone, seek out a good biologist close to you that can provide an accurate estimate.  Plus, there are gads of good illustrations and descriptions about how to age deer using their lower jaw online.  One such source is the University of Missouri Extension.

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