Advanced Hunting Techniques – Episode #289

By GrowingDeer,

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Learn advanced hunting techniques in episode #289.Deadly Combination: Fruit Trees & Soybeans

We started a tree plot last season. Now we’re planting a soybean plot among these young trees. It’s the early stages of a double trouble food plot for hunting. Twice the attraction will make a killer hunting location. We have tips to get you started.

Ever shoot a bow with your eyes closed? You might wanna try it. Grant shows you how to shoot blind bale style to get your trigger release on automatic when that buck comes in range.

Now is a great time to start aging deer on your property. Our Reconyx cameras are working full time. This week Grant invites you to age a deer. It’s a buck challenge for you!

A new born fawnTip of the Week:

Fawns are fun to see. You might not see mom, but she’s close. Increase the fawns chances of survival by leaving it and the area undisturbed!