A Plan for Improving the Hunting on 50 Acres of Hardwood Timber

By GrowingDeer,

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Recently Daniel traveled 2 hours northeast of The Proving Grounds to assist a landowner with his habitat and hunting improvement plan. This 50 acre property was primarily a hardwood timber which made it difficult to pattern and hunt deer, especially during years with high acorn production.

This 50 acre parcel is all hardwoods

Daniel designed several food plots that would create multiple pinch points and hunting locations. This plan allows hunters to be able to hunt the food plots when deer are seeking forage there.

When deer are seeking acorns or moving through the property to reach a different destination, hunters can effectively hunt the pinch points around the edges of the plots.

OnX map with future food plots marked out


Daniel also laid out several walking paths, so the landowner can effectively enter, hunt and exit a hunting location without alerting deer.

Having multiple pinch points and access trails gives this landowner hunting locations for any wind direction.

OnX map marked with food plots and trails for access


We look forward to hearing about the progress of this project and suspect this landowner and his family will enjoy many successful hunts!